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The MDB EWKR team has recently completed the following:

Updated Multi-year and Annual Research Plans A key element of the Murray-Darling Basin’s EWKR Project’s management is to regularly update the Research Plans that underpin effective delivery of the project and support communication on the project’s direction with the Department of Environment and Energy and other involved parties. The Research Plans were updated in December 2016 and can be downloaded from the from the Resources page.

Engagement with regional managers In May-June and November 2016, the project leadership team held a series of workshops with water managers at the four research sites to update them on the project and seek their input to the development of research outputs. There has been consistent feedback that the EWKR Project should not invest directly in decision-support tools, but rather should conduct a process of continuous engagement over the life of the project. Workshops to present preliminary observations from field work and mesocosm studies will be held with water managers in the second half of 2017.

Research Forum - 14 to 16 February The forum is held once a year and aims to provide an opportunity for the MDB EWKR researchers to work on their individual theme research plans – vegetation, fish, food webs and waterbirds – and also to identify new opportunities to integrate research.  More than 20 researchers attended the forum and came from South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The researchers were primarily from universities, but also came from research centres within state government departments.

Over three days the researchers discussed a number of things, including the findings of initial research, pilot studies and fieldwork as well as discussing anticipated outputs of the research and applications to different sites.

Participants at the Research Forum - 14th to 16 February 2017, from left to right - Dr Amina Price, Dr Heather McGinness, Dr Rachael Thomas, Dr Kate Brandis, Dr Barbara Robson, Ms Cherie Campbell, Dr Sam Capon, Dr Susan Gehrig, Dr Veronica Doerr. Back row - Prof Ben Gawne, Dr Jason Nicol, Dr Paul McInerney, Prof Ross Thompson, Dr Tim Reid, Prof Nick Bond, Prof Ralph McNally, Ms Jessica Davison, Prof Richard Kingsford.



Project contact

MDB EWKR Project Leader: Professor Ben Gawne


Phone: 02 6029 9647

MDB EWKR Project Manager: Jessica Davison


Phone: 02 6029 9645


Listed below are resources that are linked to the MDB EWKR Project either as source documents and inputs, or as outputs of the project.

Basin Plan 2012

Water Act 2007


These documents were prepared as part of the planning phase of the Project: 

PDFM5 MDB EWKR Phase 1 project Evaluation Strategy for EWKR Final Report (825 KB)

2--MDFRC2-2014-EVALUATION-REPORT_MAIN-BODY-FINAL.PDFM6_M9.2 EWKR MDFRC2-2014 Evaluation Final Report (3386 KB)

2-MDFRC2-2014-EVALUATION-REPORT_SUMMARY-FINAL.PDFM6_M9.2 EWKR MDFRC2-2014 Evaluation Final Summary Report (312 KB)

PDFM7 MDB EWKR Phase 1 Preliminary Identification of Research Questions Final Report (1971 KB)

PDFM7 MDB EWKR Phase 1 Preliminary Identification of Research Questions Appendix B (260 KB)

PDFM8_M10 MDB EWKR Phase 1 Priority Questions and Research Sites with Excel table Final Report (1012 KB)

PDFM15 MDB EWKR Phase 1 DST Strategy Final Report (1120 KB)

PDFMDB EWKR Annual Research Plan 2016-17 Final Report (1844 KB)

PDFMDB EWKR Multi-Year Research Plan 2016-19 Final Report (3554 KB)