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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Plecoptera  
Family: Eustheniidae

Descriptive Features:

  • paired lateral gills present on abdominal segments 1-5 or 1-6
  • glossae much smaller than paraglossae
  • Eusthenia body uniquely green, other genera brown to orange with at least traces of green in the legs
  • Total length: 15 50 mm

    Thaumatoperla alpina


    Thaumatoperla alpina

    Taxonomic Checklist: Genera


    Distribution: E Qld, E Vic, E NSW,Tas

    Sensitivity Rating: SIGNAL grade 10

    Functional Feeding Group: predators


    Watchbed Creek, Falls Creek area Vic

    Ecology: Instream habitat: Eustheniid nymphs generally occur in swift streams and rivers, clinging to rocks and stones, but may also occur in lakes.
    Feeding ecology: Nymphs are active carnivores.
    Habit: Eustheniid nymphs can run actively when disturbed but typically swim with an undulating up and down action.
    Life history: Females lay their eggs in a single layer on the underside of stones and logs. Eggs have a pigmented tough surrounding membrane. Nymphs are slow-growing with the full life cycle taking two to three years. Emergence periods may extend over many months of spring, summer and autumn.


    Information Sources: Michaelis & Yule 1997, Theischinger 1991, Hynes 1978, Hawking & Smith 1997, Yule 1997
    Key to Genera: Yule 1997 (NSW, NVic), Hynes 1989 (Tas, incomplete),  Hynes 1978 (Vic, incomplete)
    Key to Species: Yule 1997 (NSW, NVic), Hynes 1989 (Tas, incomplete),  Hynes 1978 (Vic, incomplete) 



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