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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Odonata
Family: Synlestidae

Descriptive Features:

  • antennal segment 2 markedly longer than segment 3
  • prementum markedly longer than wide
  • premental ligula with well developed median cleft
  • lobes of premental ligula not bulbous, moderately raised
  • no premental setae
  • labial palps without setae
  • paraglossae absent
  • abdomen slender
  • median and lateral caudal gills similar in form
  • caudal gills leaf-like, arranged vertically, apex rounded or slightly pointed, without terminal stylus or filament
  • Total length: 21.0 - 36.0 mm
  • Taxonomic Checklist: Genera

    Distribution: E NSW, E Qld, Vic,  ACT

    Sensitivity Rating: SIGNAL grade 7

    Functional Feeding Group: predators

    Ecology: Adults are commonly known as 'sylphs or malachites'.
    Instream habitat: Synlestid nymphs occur in streams and rivers, including streams that dry to pools in summer, being found in accumulated detritus and amongst tree roots along the stream margin, living on macrophytes, in gravel and in mud.
    Feeding ecology: Nymphs are predators.
    Life history: Synlestidae species breed in running water, or in stagnant offshoots beside it.
    Information Sources: Theischinger et al. 1993, Hawking & Theischinger 1999, Silsby 2001, Sloane & Norris 2002, Theischinger & Hawking 2006
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