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Austroneurorthus bruneipennis

Major Group: Insecta
Order: Neuroptera
Family: Nevrorthidae (Neurorthidae is in common useage but is incorrect)
Genus: Austroneurorthus
Species: bruneipennis
This family is represented in Australia by a single species, Austroneurorthus bruneipennis Esben-Petersen.

Descriptive Features:

  • very slender, elongate, strongly sclerotized
  • head and 'neck' elongate, head longer than wide, and may be strongly reflexed dorsally
  • antennae scarcely longer than head capsule
  • mandible and maxilla broad at base, tapered apically, about the same length as head capsule and abruptly curved medially at apex
  • ventral surface of head closed by apparent true gula
  • 7 stemmata
  • legs moderately long
  • all thoracic and abdominal segments with few long setae, these most concentrated in lateral groups toward posterior of each segment
  • very long setae near apex of abdomen
  • Total length: 10 12 mm

      Austroneurorthus bruneipennis

      Taxonomic Checklist:
      Austroneurorthus bruneipennis Esben-Petersen

      Distribution: SE Qld, SE NSW, SE Vic

      Sensitivity Rating: SIGNAL grade 9

      Functional Feeding Group: predators


      Kangaroo River, Kangaroo Valley NSW

      Ecology: Instream habitat: Austroneurorthus bruneipennis larvae occur in fast-flowing streams and in moist litter. They are presumed to be bottom dwellers.
      Feeding ecology: Larvae are predators feeding on a variety of small benthic invertebrates.
      Habit: Larvae are fast active swimmers.
      Life history:


      Information Sources: New 1991, 2004