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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Plecoptera  
Family: Gripopterygidae

Descriptive Features:

  • body yellow to dark greyish brown
  • last few abdominal segments fused into complete rings
  • abdomen end with a tuft of cylindrical, filiform gills, retractable so that only the tips are visible
  • 2 caudal filaments, usually long
  • Total length: 4 - 21 mm

      Dinotoperla serricauda

      Taxonomic Checklist: Genera


      Dundundra wanungra Theischinger
      Eunotoperla kershawi Tillyard 

      Nescioperla curtisae Theischinger

      Distribution: SA, Tas, Vic, NSW, E Qld, N Qld, WA, ACT

      Sensitivity Rating: SIGNAL grade 8

      Functional Feeding Group: scrapers, shredders


      Snowy River, NSW

      Ecology: Instream habitat: Gripopterygid nymphs generally inhabit fast flowing waters. Notable exceptions are; Dinotoperla serricauda, found in a cool settlement pond, Dinotoperla evansi, found in farm dams in South Australia and Riekoperla darlingtoni, which can move into damp terrestrial habitats or burrow into the stream bank if the stream dries out. Nymphs are usually found clinging under rocks and debris.
      Feeding ecology: Nymphs of all species are slow moving detritivores and herbivores, however, late instar Illiesoperla and Eunotoperla nymphs are carnivorous.
      Life history: Females lay their eggs on the surface of the water where the eggs are washed off the abdominal tip and fall to the substrata. Eggs are spherical to flattened, often with ridges around the outside. Most species are thought to have an annual life cycle with adults emerging between dusk and midnight onto boulders, logs or aquatic vegetation.


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      Key to Genera & Species: Hynes 1989 (Tas, incomplete), Yule 1997 (NSW, NVic, incomplete)
      Leptoperla - Tsyrlin 2001
      Riekoperla - Mynott 2011 (inc. undes. sp)
      Dinotoperla - Thomas 2012 (Vic)