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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Odonata
Family: Austropetaliidae

Descriptive Features:

  • prementum stout
  • premental ligula widely rounded, with only slight indication of median cleft, a very small denticle each side of it
  • labial palps evenly tapered and almost straight, denticulate but without end hook on inner margin
  • antennae 5-segmented
  • prothoracic processes a trifid structure
  • pronotal lobes not distinctly differentiated
  • femora and tibiae with very distinct large bumps
  • abdomen with very small, possibly paired, middorsal tubercles and very small laterodorsal lobes on segments 3-7, and with only simple middorsal processes on segments 8 and 9
  • broad lateral lobes on abdominal segments 2-8
  • armour-like exoskeleton
  • non-laterally produced mesokatepisternum
  • Total length: 31.5 - 35.0 mm
  • Taxonomic Checklist: Genera

    Distribution: Vic, E NSW, Tas 

    Sensitivity Rating: none

    Functional Feeding Group: predators

    Ecology: Adults are commonly known as 'mainland redspots'.
    Instream habitat: The semi-aquatic Austropetalia larvae can live in damp situations including, splash zones of waterfalls and sphagnum swamps in montane areas. Larvae have been found in crevices in damp logs or between small flat rocks on ledges of waterfalls, receiving only water splashed onto logs or rocks. These rocks would be in the main flow during high flows over the falls. However, exuviae have also been found along a steep rocky creek and along a small overgrown trickle on softer ground.
    Feeding ecology: Larvae are predators
    Life history:

    Information Sources: Theischinger & Endersby 2009, Theischinger 2002, Theischinger & Hawking 2006
    Key to Species: Theischinger 2002
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