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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Odonata
Family: Isostictidae

Descriptive Features:

  • premental ligula strongly protruding medially, median cleft at the most slightly indicated
  • generally more than 1 pair of premental setae
  • labial palps tridentate; palpal setae present
  • antennae 7-segmented
  • caudal gills held vertically, nodate, basal portion saccoid or flat, apical portion flat
  • Total length: 15.0 - 22.0 mm
  • Taxonomic Checklist: Genera

    Distribution: Vic, E NSW, Qld, WA, NT

    Sensitivity Rating: SIGNAL grade 3

    Functional Feeding Group: predators

    Ecology: Adults are commonly known as 'narrow-wings'.
    Instream habitat: Isostictid nymphs occur in streams, rivers, and riverine pools. They are found on submerged vegetation, willow roots, leaf packs and detritus.
    Feeding ecology: Nymphs are predators.
    Habit: Nymphs are clingers.
    Life history: Females of some species lay their eggs in dry twigs over lentic freshwater. Other species may lay their eggs on the bare rocks of waterfalls.
    Information Sources: Hawking & Theischinger 1999, Theischinger & Hawking 2006
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