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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Trichoptera
Family: Antipodoeciidae
Genus: Antipodoecia
This family is represented in Australia by a single genus, Antipodoecia Mosely.

Descriptive Features:

  • head round in dorsal view
  • strongly developed beaded carina anterior to eyes
  • antenna small, located below the carina, about halfway between eye and anterior margin of head capsule
  • ventral apotome triangular, genae abutting at occipital margin
  • pronotum heavily sclerotized, with oblique lateral carina, beaded and terminating in a strongly developed anterolateral projection
  • projection apically acute, laterally compressed
  • mesonotum moderately sclerotised
  • metanotum weakly sclerotised
  • abdominal gills absent
  • lateral row of bifid spicules on abdominal segment 8
  • anal claw with a series of 5-8 accessory dorsal teeth
  • Total length: 5 mm
  • Case: Cylindrical, gently tapered and slightly curved, made of sand grains, posterior end with silk closure, a protruding dorsal canopy overhanging the posterior aperture.


    Taxonomic Checklist:
    Antipodoecia turneri Mosely
    (3 undescribed species)

    Distribution: NSW, SE Qld, Vic

    Sensitivity Rating: SIGNAL grade 8

    Functional Feeding Group: unknown


    branch of Kiewa River, Pretty Valley Vic

    Ecology: Instream habitat: Larvae are most commonly found in small fast flowing forest streams, and are often associated with moss.
    Feeding ecology:
    Habit: Larvae make tube cases of fine sand grains.
    Life history:


    Information Sources: Dean 2000, Dean et al 2004
    Key to Species: Dean 2000 (undescribed sp.)