Major Group: Crustacea
Minor Group: Malacostraca
Order: Anaspidacea

Descriptive Features:

  • rostrum broad
  • thoracomeres relatively short compared to pleonites
  • pleonite 6 without row of long spines along posterior margin
  • eyes pedunculate
  • antenna 2 with scaphocerite
  • mandible with palp
  • thoracopod 1 8-articled, forming a maxilliped, with tubular exopod, with epipod, thoracopods 1-7 with exopod, thoracopod 8 without exopod
  • pleopods with reduced endopod, with multiarticulate exopod
  • uropods with 1-articled rami
  • telson subtriangular, with acute point, and forming tailfan with uropods
  • Total length: up to 45 mm

    Paranaspides lacustris

    Taxonomic Checklist: Species
    Allanaspides helonomus Swain, Wilson, Hickman & Ong
    Allanaspides hickmani Swain, Wilson & Ong
    Anaspides spinulae Williams
    Anaspides tasmaniae Thomson
    Paranaspides lacustris Smith

    Distribution: Tas. All 3 genera are endemic.

    Sensitivity Rating: none

    Functional Feeding Group: shredders, predators


    Russell Falls in Mt Field NP, Tas

    Ecology: Instream habitat: Anaspididae species occur in streams, lakes and the burrows of crayfish (Decapoda: Parastacidae). 
    Feeding ecology:
    Habit: Anaspidid crustaceans free living animals.
    Life history:

    Information Sources: Hawking & Smith 1997, Poore 2002, Serov 2002, Lake et al. 2001, QVM 2007
    Key to Genera: Serov 2002
    Key to Species: none

    Hawking, J.H., Smith, L.M., Le Busque, K. (2009) Identification and Ecology of Australian Freshwater Invertebrates ., Version January 2009