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Major Group: Insecta
Subfamily: Tanypodinae

Descriptive Features:

  • Single eye spot, sickle-shaped in lateral view
  • antennae retractile into head
  • ligula (main feeding mouthpart) straight lying within the head
  • Total length:


      Taxonomic Checklist: Genera
      2 species
      Alotanypus dalyupenis ??
      Anatopynia 2 species
      Apsectrotanypus maculosus Freeman
      Australopelopia prionoptera Cranston
      Clinotanypus crux Wiedemann
      Coelopynia pruinosa Freeman
      Coelotanypus wirthi Freeman
      Djalmabatista 1 species
      Fittkauimyia disparipes Karunakaran
      Hayesomyia 2 species (larva unknown)
      Isoplastus formulosus Skuse
      Larsia 2 species
      Macropelopia dalyupensis Freeman
      Monopelopia 1 species
      Nilotanypus 1 species
      Paramerina 3 species
      Pentaneura punctipennis Freeman
      Procladius 5 species
      Tanypus mastersi Skuse
      ?Telmatopelopia 1 species
      Thienemannimyia 1 species
      (6 undescribed genera)

      Distribution: Australia wide

      Sensitivity Rating: SIGNAL grade 4

      Functional Feeding Group: predators


      Murray River at Cottadidda State Forest, NSW


      Information Sources: Bugledich 1999, Cranston 2000
      Key to Genera:  Cranston 2000 (except Alotanypus)
      Madden 2010 (plating not required, Not in key Anatopynia Coelotanypus Hayesomyia Isoplastus Macropelopia Pentaneura)
      Key to Species: Cranston 2000 (Procladius, partial)



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