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Rhagovelia australica

Major Group: Insecta
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Veliidae
Genus: Rhagovelia
Species: australica
This genus is represented in Australian freshwaters by a single species, Rhagovelia australica Kirkaldy.

Descriptive Features:

  • apterous or macropterous (very rarely)
  • body elongate oval, 2.0-2.9X greatest width across mesothorax, dark coloured or with yellowish and reddish-brown pattern, pilosity dense but mostly short
  • antennae slender, long, - 2/3X body length, segment 1 distinctly longer than head and other segments, segments 2 and 3 subequal in length, segment 4 shortest
  • pronotum (apterous) long, covering all but a narrow band of mesonotum, yellowish with two large dark markings in middle
  • pronotum (macropterous) large, pentagonal, with raised humeral angles
  • fore wings uniformly dark
  • fore femur simple
  • midleg long, femur about 1/3X body length, mid tarsus long, subequal in length to tibia, with short segment 1 and much longer segments 2 and 3, segment 3 about 1.2X segment 2, split for about 3/4 of its length, with elaborate swimming fan of about 20 plumose, hair-like branches, claws modified, flattened, blade-like
  • hind femur much thicker than mid femur (especially in male), ventrally with 1 or more large teeth and numerous smaller teeth and spinules
  • abdomen relatively long, sides almost straight or more or less rounded
  • connexiva broad, obliquely raised or sometimes vertical in posterior parts in female
  • male grasping comb of fore tibia short, ~ 1/5X tibia length, abdominal venter not modified, genital segments conspicuous but simple, parameres large, falciform with blunt apices
  • female with posterior margin of sternum 7 straight, exposing parts of gonocoxae from beneath, proctiger broad, protruding or slightly deflected
  • Total length: (m) 4.0 -4.2 mm, (f) 4.0 4.4 mm

    Rhagovelia australica

    Taxonomic Checklist:
    Rhagovelia australica Kirkaldy

    Distribution: N Qld

    Functional Feeding Group: predators, scavengers


    pond from Stoney Creek at Mingela, Qld


    Information Sources: Andersen & Weir 2004