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 Major Groups | Insecta (insects) | Ephemeroptera (mayflies) | Baetidae | Centroptilum

Major Group: Insecta
Order: Ephemeroptera
Family: Baetidae
Genus: Centroptilum

Descriptive Features:

  • head hypognathous
  • labrum broad, square with a wide, deep, V-shaped median notch
  • incisors of mandibles separate and toothed
  • thorax oval to circular in cross-section
  • tarsal claws long and narrow, approximately 1/2 length of tarsus, with or without very fine bristles
  • hind wing pads present
  • gills single, plate-like, on abdominal segments 1-7
  • 3 caudal filaments present, mid filament shorter than lateral filaments, fringed on inner margins 
  • Total length:

    Centroptilum sp.

    Taxonomic Checklist: Species
    Centroptilum collendum Harker, 1957 (nymph unknown)
    Centroptilum elongatum Suter, 1986

    Distribution: NT, Vic, Tas, SA, ACT, NSW

    Sensitivity Rating:

    Functional Feeding Group: gathering collectors


    Litttle Roper River, Kakadu National Park NT



    Information Sources: Webb & Suter 2011, Dean & Suter 1996, Hubbard & Campbell 1996
    Key to Species: Webb & Suter 2011 (inc. undes. sp.)


    Centroptilum, damaged specimen