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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Belostomatidae
Genus: Diplonychus

Descriptive Features:

  • broadly oval body shape
  • eyes with lateral margins continuous with the lateral margins of head
  • 1st antennal segment equal to or longer than segment 4 and lateral projections of segments 2 and 3
  • fore tarsi 1-segmented, with 2 small claws
  • middle and hind tibiae flattened
  • lateral band of short pilosity on ventral part of laterotergites 4 not reaching the lateral margin of the segment
  • subgenital plate (operculum) more or less pointed in female
  • subgenital plate truncated, carrying a pair of small tufts of bristles sublaterally in male
  • Total length: 15 - 23 mm

    Diplonychus eques female


    Diplonychus eques male

    Taxonomic Checklist: Species
    Diplonychus eques Dufour
    Diplonychus rusticus Fabricius

    Distribution: Qld, NSW, Vic, WA, NT, Tas

    Functional Feeding Group: predators


    Mitta Mitta River, Eskdale Vic


    Information Sources: Andersen & Weir 2004, Cassis & Gross 1995, Lansbury & Lake 2002, Hawking & Smith 1997, Gooderham & Tsyrlin 2002
    Key to Species: Andersen & Weir 2004