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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Odonata
Family: Hemicorduliidae
Genus: Hemicordulia

Descriptive Features:

  • labial palps with 8-9 dentations
  • 7-9 large palpal setae
  • 9-12 pairs of premental setae
  • horn-like projections may be present in early instar larvae of all species, but in late instars small elevations are only known in H. superba
  • mid-dorsal abdominal spines or humps present or absent
  • lateral spines on abdominal segments 8 and 9
  • lateral triangular sclerites detectable on segments 3-6 and 8 (missing from segment 7 only)
  • segment 10 somewhat sunken into segment 9
  • Total length 16 - 24 mm

      Hemicordulia australiae


      Hemicordulia australiae, male

      Taxonomic Checklist: Species
      Hemicordulia australiae
      Hemicordulia continentalis Martin
      Hemicordulia flava Theischinger & Watson
      Hemicordulia intermedia Selys
      Hemicordulia kalliste Theischinger & Watson (nymph unknown)
      Hemicordulia koomina Watson
      Hemicordulia novahollandiae Selys (nymph unknown)
      Hemicordulia superba Tillyard
      Hemicordulia tau Selys

      Distribution: Australia wide

      Functional Feeding Group: predators


      Murray River at Albury NSW


      Information Sources: Hawking & Theischinger 1999, Theischinger 2007
      Key to Species: Theischinger 2007