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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Odonata
Family: Synthemistidae
Genus: Tonyosynthemis

Descriptive Features:

  • frontal plate wide and rather short, set with very short scale-like structures along margins, posterior margin only slightly convex
  • prementum abruptly widening from rather narrow base
  • 6 pairs of primary and 5-6 pairs of secondary premental setae
  • premental ligula with median lobe hardly developed
  • labial palps, with 7 rather small dentations
  • 6 palpal setae
  • prominent fringe of flat and distally markedly widened setal structures along posterior eye margin
  • postocular lobes strongly differentiated, almost bilobed
  • pronotal lobes with short, appressed and longer, apically widened and flattened, dorsally directed setal structures
  • abdominal terga 4-9 each with 2 substantial, obtuse, laterodorsal processes bearing short setae
  • Total length: 17 - 20 mm

    Tonyosynthemis ofarrelli

    Taxonomic Checklist: Species
    Tonyosynthemis claviculata (Tillyard, 1909)
    Tonyosynthemis ofarrelli (Theischinger & Watson, 1986)

    Distribution: T. claviculata - NE Qld
    T. ofarrelli - SE Qld, NE NSW

    Functional Feeding Group: predators




    Information Sources: Theischinger 2001, Theischinger & Hawking 2006
    Key to Species: Theischinger 2001, Theischinger & Endersby 2009