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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Ephemeroptera
Family: Leptophlebiidae
Genus: Atalophlebia

Descriptive Features:

  • labrum narrower than clypeus, relatively short, length to width ratio 2.1:2.5
  • mandibles with outer incisor robust, triangular, with sub-apical denticles
  • maxillary palp moderately long
  • labium with glossae turned under ventrally
  • terminal segment of labial palp sub-triangular, with a series of stout spines along the inner margin
  • legs usually banded
  • tarsal claws with ventral series of small denticles, although one species has smooth claws
  • postero-lateral spines usually present on abdominal segments 2 to 9, although in a few species these are reduced on the more anterior segments
  • gills present on abdominal segments 1 to 7, each gill consisting of an upper and a lower lamella, each lamella with margin divided to form 3 or more digits
  • Total length: up to 15mm

    Atalophlebia australis


    Atalophlebia sp.

    Taxonomic Checklist: Species
    Atalophlebia albiterminata Tillyard
    Atalophlebia aurata Suter
    Atalophlebia australasica Pictet
    Atalophlebia australis Walker
    Atalophlebia darrunga Harker
    Atalophlebia gubara Dean & Suter
    Atalophlebia hudsoni Tillyard (nymph unknown)
    Atalophlebia ida Tillyard (nymph unknown)
    Atalophlebia incerta Harker
    Atalophlebia kala Harker (nymph unknown)
    Atalophlebia kokunia Harker (nymph unknown)
    Atalophlebia longicaudata Harker
    Atalophlebia maculosa Harker
    Atalophlebia marowana Harker (nymph unknown)
    Atalophlebia miunga Tillyard (nymph unknown)
    Atalophlebia pallida Tillyard (nymph unknown)
    Atalophlebia pierda Harker
    Atalophlebia superba Tillyard
    Atalophlebia tuhla Harker

    Distribution: Australia wide 

    Sensitivity Rating:

    Functional Feeding Group: gathering collectors, shredders


    Rock Creek, Kosciusko National Park NSW



    Information Sources: Dean 1999a, Gooderham & Tsyrlin 2002, Hawking & Smith 1997, Hubbard & Campbell 1996, Dean & Suter 2004, Dean 2011
    Key to Species: Dean 1999a (incomplete)