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Honours projects

Current students

James Anderson (2015) Using next generation sequencing to determine the effect of Dartmouth Dam on gene flow. [Supervisors: M Shackleton (MDFRC) and N Murphy (LTU)]. 

Dale Campbell (2015) Characterisation of the Chironomidae associated with sediment of permanent and temporary water bodies on the Ovens River floodplain, north-eastern Victoria.  [Supervisors:P Humphries (CSU), N McCasker (CSU) and D Nielsen(MDFRC)].

Cassandra King (2015) Investigating  gene flow between populations of two spined black fish that inhabit the upper reaches of the Ovens, King and Kiewa River Catchments. [Supervisors: N Murphy (LTU), M Shackleton (MDFRC) and RJ Stoffels (MDFRC)].