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Cultural Science facilitator at MDFRC: Deb Bogenhuber

  Cultural Science facilitator at MDFRC: Deb Bogenhuber
MDFRC and BMEET at work

Deb Bogenhuber, Freshwater Ecologist at MDFRC has taken on the new role of  Cultural Science facilitator for the Centre.
Cultural flows were defined in 2010 by representatives from 31 Indigenous nations within the Murray-Darling Basin as:  "...water entitlements that are legally and beneficially owned by Indigenous Nations of a sufficient and adequate quantity and quality to improve the spiritual, cultural, environmental, social and economic conditions of those Indigenous Nations. This is our inherent right".
Even with this definition, there is limited understanding of when and where a cultural flow should or could be delivered, how to measure outcomes, and what sort of outcomes to measure. There are many organisations and agencies with an interest in answering these questions. Deb is working closely with the Barkindji-Maraura Elders Environment Team (BMEET), based in Dareton, NSW to explore the emerging science of cultural flows.
Deb’s role as Cultural Science facilitator will focus on understanding and improving the emerging knowledge base about cultural flows, in partnership with BMEET. Through Deb's new role MDFRC and BMEET will progress the integration of western science with cultural science in BMEET’s management of Fletchers Lake Reserve. Further down the track Deb hopes that MDFRC will be able to demonstrate to clients and stakeholders how they can measure cultural outcomes of environmental flows and why these are important.