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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Trichoptera
Family: Stenopsychidae
Genus: Stenopsychodes
This family is represented in Australia by a single genus, Stenopsychodes. An unassociated larva has been tentatively placed in this family on the basis of size and distribution.

Descriptive Features:

  • eyes absent
  • labrum sclerotized
  • body elongate and limp, abdomen at least 4X length of thorax
  • 1st abdominal segment not modified
  • abdominal prolegs well developed, elongate with a terminal anal claw
  • dorsal sclerotization on pronotum only, mesonotum and metanotum completely membranous
  • foretrochantin large
  • foreleg more robust and heavily sclerotized than mid- and hindlegs
  • fore tibia and tarsus fused
  • no case
  • Total length: 20 mm




    Taxonomic Checklist: Species
    (not all larvae known)
    Stenopsychodes aureonigra Schmid
    Stenopsychodes hiemalis Tillyard
    Stenopsychodes lineata Neboiss
    Stenopsychodes melanochrysus Tillyard
    Stenopsychodes mjobergi Ulmer 
    Stenopsychodes montanus Tillyard
    Stenopsychodes opsius Neboiss
    Stenopsychodes syrdenus Neboiss
    Stenopsychodes tillyardi Banks

    Distribution: N Qld, NSW, Tas (Vic)

    Sensitivity Rating: none

    Functional Feeding Group: unknown


    Kiewa River, Killara Vic

    Ecology: Larvae of Stenopsychodes have only been collected in the last few years, so little is known of their ecology.
    Instream habitat: Stenopsychodes larvae have been collected from matted roots along stream margins.
    Feeding ecology:
    Habit: The long soft body and absence of eyes suggest that Stenopsychodes larvae are burrowers.
    Life history:


    Information Sources: Dean et al. 2004, Wells 2002 
    Key to Species: none