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Major Group: Insecta
Order: Trichoptera
Family: Odontoceridae
Genus: Marilia

Descriptive Features:

  • ventral apotome not reaching to back of head capsule, linked to margin by a ventral suture
  • metanotum with 2 pairs of sclerites
  • 1st abdominal segment ventrally with a pair of setae
  • Total length:
  • Case: made of sand grains, cylindrical

    Marilia fusca

    Taxonomic Checklist: Species
    Marilia aenigmata Neboiss, 2003
    Marilia bola Mosely, 1953
    Marilia fusca Kimmins, 1953

    Distribution: Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas

    Functional Feeding Group: shredders


    Mitta River, Eskdale Vic


    Information Sources: St Clair 2000a, Dean et al 2004, Neboiss 2002
    Key to Species: St Clair 2000a